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Coaching--the process of being your strongest advocate as you work towards your goal. 


Somedays are the days we wake up and we know our life, but we wonder is this it?  Have you spent time doing the "right" things? Fulfilling the obligations?  Yet, when you look in the mirror you are met with someone who isn't you-the real, authentic you?


Do you know what you should do, but for some reason you are holding yourself back?  Are you your own worse enemy?


Do you have big life choices coming up and want to make sure you're aligning your choices with your overarching life plan?


Positive psychology coaching can be the solution for your life, your health, your business, your relationships, your parenting, and every other arena you choose to step into.








Coach 100

I have committed to offering 100 FREE coaching sessions in two years or less and I am so pleased to say that 2016 has started out strong with interested clients, but let's be clear:  100 is a LOT and the year is still young.  If you have ever even considered trying a coaching session or you are wondering what a session may be like, please contact me and I would love to work with you as one of my 100.   

Coaching Packages


Finding ME

This one month coaching package sets a solid foundation for rediscovering your authentic self, working to clarify your goals, establishing support structures, and learning to rely on your strengths in your daily life. This includes 4 one-hour sessions, as well as email support for the month.



Loving My Reflection

This three month coaching package works through the establishment of a solid foundation of your authentic self, setting and achieving BIG goals, dispelling disruptive brain messages and limiting believes, and facilitating falling in love with yourself and your life. This package includes 12 one-hour coaching sessions, email and texting support, as well as a brief write up reviewing each session and the homework to be completed between sessions.



Empowered Life

This is the pinnacle of coaching packages, this is six months of coaching that leads a client through the exercises and exploration of self-discovery, the process of goal setting and achieving, tools to deal with disruptive brain messages, practice with strengths focused living, and the knowledge and empowerment to know that YOU are the creator of your world.  This empowered life coaching includes 24 one-hour coaching sessions, email and text support, a brief writing up after each session AND up to 12 mini check-in phone calls (10 to 15 minutes) over the course of the six months.


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