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Websites and Life--Who Knew??

I am a coach, not a website designer. . . .yet as I have spent the better part of my "work" time the last two weeks on this website, I have come to see some very real similarities. Who knew?

First--they are both beautiful. . .stunning in fact. When the images line up, when the motion is fluid and welcoming, when the lighting is right. When you want to see what more you can create. . . life, web, all the same. . .drawing on your senses, allowing you to create and mold, allowing you to expand and experiment.

Second--they are both out there for the world to see and judge and that is hard. It is hard when some one glances at your life and makes a comment. It is hard when no one likes the font you love. When you take a piece of yourself, that you love and have created, when you as a person walk into the world and expose yourself to the thoughts and voices of others, that is hard. AND brave. You can't forget the BRAVE part of it, because when you put yourself out there and you know that someone may say, likely will say something, and yet you put yourself out there anyway--you are BRAVE. This is true for a website, this is true for sharing your thoughts, your style, your beautifully, imperfect authentic self. . . when you put YOU out there, you are BRAVE.

Third--they will never be perfect and likely never done. When I think about life, my life or the lives I touch, I am always mind blown by how far we have come and yet how much more we can do. . . not that we can do it today and likely not that we can do it all in a lifetime, but I love knowing that I am enough, but I am not yet perfect. Tomorrow and the days, months, years to follow will hold growth and opportunity for me. I feel like this about my website, it isn't done. It is ready to be published and put to the world, but not done. I love the idea of returning to it, adding, changing, updating. . . .it is enough for today, but not perfect and not yet done.

#coach #life #Brave

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