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Own the Pause and then Press PLAY

Sometimes in life we pause. . . we pause on purpose, we pause and we didn’t even know, we pause and we deny that it is happening. . . but we pause.

I don’t even think the pausing is that big of a deal, what matters is the un-pausing, pushing the PLAY button in that arena of our life and getting back in the game. But for some of us, me included, that can be so hard.

I get frustrated that I ever paused in the first place.

I step away from a habit—whether it is making my bed every morning or exercising or eating healthy or reading before bed.

I step away from a relationship because I need some me-time or some space to sort out my thoughts.

I step away from work that I am passionate about because life got crazy or I needed to use my energy elsewhere.

I paused and it maybe even served me well to take that time, but now I need to start again AND that part I hate. I hate the first jog after a long hiatus, I hate the first call when we haven’t been in touch, I hate the first time I sit back at my desk and try to start.

I have been thinking a lot about why I hate it, possibly as a procrastination from actually starting, but also because I know this will not be the only time or last time I find myself in this situation; it certainly isn’t the first time. I know that I will pause again in life and I want to make sure I am getting the most out of my pause time and that when I push that PLAY button I am back in the game.

So, I have decided to own my pause(s) and right now there seem to be a few. Whether they were the right decisions or the best decisions at the time, they were the choices I made. I own them and the repercussions. I will not let myself be held back or weighed down by my choices, I won’t spend more time wishing I wasn’t in this situation.

I will use this energy as a springboard forward; the repercussions of my paused life will be my momentum back into the game.

I know it will be hard. I know I will wish I had never paused. I will learn lessons from this restart.

But most importantly—I will be back in the game.

So as I work back towards my healthy self and as I re-launch my business, know that I am bringing my bravest self to the moment, even when it is hard.

AND as you read this and think maybe you need to push PLAY in some arena of your life, I know you can do it—EVEN if it is hard or you wish you had never paused. . . I KNOW YOU CAN!

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